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Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Engagement in WPHN Congress 2020 offers a strategic opportunity to demonstrate the support your organisation gives to public health nutrition and to associate your brand with thought leadership, sector networking and partnership development.

Engagement opportunities have been developed to ensure a successful outcome for supporters, exhibitors and all participants of WPHN Congress 2020.

In addition to the set packages, support and exhibition packages can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific objectives.

Early confirmation of your support and/or exhibition for WPHN Congress 2020 will ensure an even higher level of exposure. An extensive promotional campaign including email broadcasts and web exposure will be implemented with the opportunity exists for your organistion to be represented as a key supporter of the conference well in advance of the event. 

We would be delighted to discuss opportunities or any further ideas you may have for promoting your products or services. 


To view the sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please click on the image below.

Summary of Packages

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Associate Partner - SOLD

  • Associate Sponsor

  • Affiliation Sponsor

  • Stream Sponsor

  • Exhibition & Networking Sponsor

  • Congress Dinner Sponsor

  • International Speaker Sponsor

  • Multimedia Sponsor

  • Poster Presentation Sponsor

  • Welcome Function Sponsor

  • Meeting Space Sponsor

  • LMIC Scholarship Supporter

  • Promotional Patron

Exhibition Opportunities

  • Coffee Car Hub Exhibitor - SOLD

  • Research Hub Exhibitor - SOLD

  • First Timers Meet & Greet Hub Exhibitor

  • Student & Young Professionals Meet & Greet Hub Exhibitor

  • Exhibition Booth

  • Exhibition Pod

Promotional Opportunities

  • Program Ad

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The WPHN Congress is only held once every four years!
Book a package today to not miss out on the opportunity to be involved in the WPHN Congress 2020.  
Congress Objectives

The overall objectives of WPHN Congress 2020 are to:

  • Facilitate international information sharing and cooperation, and the further development public health nutrition;

  • Create an environment for knowledge sharing, collaboration and relationship building that supports a ‘global public health nutrition community’.

Specific objectives of the conference are to: 


  • To inform key policy makers, practitioners and researchers of the latest evidence regarding the prevalence of both under nutrition and ‘over-nutrition’, as well as the associations between nutrition and disease, the drivers of malnutrition in all its forms and what policies and programmes are appropriate, effective and equitable.

  • To positively influence the right to healthy food and nutrition and public health policy landscape in Australia, SE Asia and Pacific by bringing together global and regional policy makers, researchers and nutrition advocates. 

  • To support the effective development and implementation of policies and programs that promote better public health, nutrition, and healthy and sustainable food systems as well as the control of communicable and non-communicable diseases and obesity.

  • To highlight the urgent nutrition and food security challenges in the region by bringing together the necessary expertise and to foster an effective interaction between leading activists, academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

  • To strengthen capacity for action of the public health nutrition workforce through development of scholarship and networks.

  • To affirm good health and nutrition as a human right through the promotion of ethical principles, including those of transparency, equity, respect and freedom from conflict of interest.

Delegate Profile

The Congress aims to facilitate global, inclusive and diverse conversations on addressing the gaps in public health nutrition. Attendees will include academics and researchers, policy makers, practitioners and activists who have a significant role in shaping the food and nutrition policy landscape globally as well as in the Australia, SE Asia and Pacific regions. The conference is also expected to enhance collaboration among professionals engaged in various sectors such as communicable and non-communicable diseases, nutrition, water and sanitation, dietetics, food sciences, agriculture, economics and environment. 

To Book

To book a sponsorship and/or exhibition package, please complete the below booking form and send it to

Or for  contact:

Eliza Van Der Kley

Events Officer

Public Health Association of Australia

T: +61 2 6171 1309



      and WPHNA Conflict of Interest Policy;

  • All costs are GST inclusive;

  • All inserts / handouts are to be supplied by the sponsor or exhibitor;

  • All timeframes must be met in order to achieve package entitlements;

  • All artwork / logos are to be supplied by the sponsor in high resolution formats;

  • If exhibiting, it is a preference of PHAA to not have custom stands at the Conference, to be in keeping
    with public health; and

  • All banners are to be provided by the sponsor or exhibitor.

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